About us

There is so much planning involved in a move. Whether you are relocating to the Balearic Islands permanently or seeking a part time retreat, we have a specialist ready to accommodate your every need. Our local experts will facilitate a smooth transition into your new home and lifestyle so that you can feel welcomed into paradise.
With us you will have someone by your side every step of the way to ensure a seamless move. We excel in finding the perfect home, locating schools, fulfilling administrative tasks, arranging cleaning services, home maintenance and so much more. We are a full-service agency and can also take care of all the needs associated with closing your home when you depart and caretaking when you are not visiting.

Reliable and consistent, we pride ourselves on providing each of our clients with an exemplary level of customer service perfectly customized to provide exactly what you require. As our many satisfied clients can attest Balearelocation provides peace of mind and an effortless transition. Let us take the stress and anxiety out of moving so that you can settle in and focus on enjoying all the excitement and beauty that accompanies an island lifestyle.

For a full list of our services please consult our service list.